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Specialist Air Treatment - Filter Products

High-efficiency filters for very high demands High efficiency ASHRAE grade filtration


Clean air at reduced energy costs

Air filters are compulsory in air conditioning systems for physiological or production-related reasons.

TROX supplies a comprehensive filter program for technically and economically optimised solutions. It incorporates air filtration equipment and replacement media for air conditioning and ventilation systems for nearly all fields of application. There are basically two types of air filters:

  • Particle air filters: Coarse particulate air filters and fine dust filters for removing contamination from the atmospheric air in air conditioning and ventilation systems and in chemical engineering
  • Particulate air filters: HEPA and ULPA filters are high-quality air filters for removing aerosols, toxic dusts, germs etc. as well as for areas with the highest demand for air purity in clean-room technology.

Many new technologies have been employed in the effort to improve on the quality and performance of air filters, and in some cases to reduce their cost. The most notable areas where advancement has been pursued are reduction in pressure drop and elimination of biological contaminants in the filter media. It is important to consider whether applying new technologies to air filter products is necessary and functional. In many cases it is, in some cases it isn't. Certain technologies, like ionic air cleaners, may be the cause of bi-products that may be harmful to the environment of people.