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Close Control

Close control precision ventilation Stulz logo Air Conditioning Closed Control

The close control range is particularly suitable for high-tech environments, where 24/7 accurate control of temperature and humidity is essential. Applications include data centres, telecom's ISP facilities, clean room, computer rooms, switching stations and laboratories.


Precision Air Conditioning Solutions for Commerce and Industry.Walkair provide a wide ranging portfolio of precision air conditioning products manufactured by Stulz GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, includes:

  • Close Control Air Conditioning
  • Close Control Units
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC units)
  • Down flow & Up flow Sensible Cooling units
  • Telecommunications Cooling solutions
  • High Density Server Rack Cooling solutions
  • Chillers - Precision & Building applications with Free-cooling
  • Computer Rooms, Server Rooms, data warehousing, internet hosting and other electronic environments demand reliable, innovative cooling solutions providing 24 hour, 365 day operation

Stulz designs and manufactures a flexible range of high quality, powerful, precision control products specifically designed to meet this demand. With the arrival of blade server technology, Stulz recognised the need for a much higher cooling capacity relative to unit footprint, for high density heat loads, and introduced the 'CyberAir' close control air conditioning unit range incorporating low energy EC fans with 'inverter' speed control technology.

All cooling formats are available including Air-cooled DX, Water/glycol cooled DX, Free-cooling, Chilled Water & Dual Source. A choice of R407C, R134A & R410A refrigerants are offered for DX systems.

Walkair offers a full range of service and support resources:

  • Planning support
  • Site surveys
  • System configuration and technical submissions
  • Energy efficiency and carbon footprint calculations
  • Installation, on-site testing and commissioning services
  • Maintenance contracts including a 24-hour, 365-day emergency service