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Stulz Free Air

Stulz free air

Free-Air cooling can drastically reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning system.

Wherever office space or comms rooms already have conventional air conditioning, the addition of a Free-Air cooling unit makes a huge difference to operating costs.

The system module takes over the control of the existing comfort A/C units and adds economical direct free cooling to the energy-intensive compressor cooling function. Whenever the ambient temperature allows, Free-Air is activated and the comfort A/C units are switched off.

Free-Air has been thoroughly tested, is simple to install, ready for operation immediately and easy to maintain.

Technical Features

  • Cooling capacity scalable up to 12 kW by combining several Free-Air units.
  • Ready for operation on the very firstday – easy mechanical and electricalinstallation.
  • Existing comfort A/C units can be integrated with ease, with remote on/Off thanks to the Free-Air control system.
  • Management of up to two comfort A/C units.
  • Ambient temperature value can be varied for free cooling mode.
  • EC fan with stepless control from 10 to 100%
  • G4 air filters.
  • Insulated, powder-coated housing of galvanised sheet steel.
  • Full service accessibility from the front and from beneath.
  • 48 VDC power supply allows use as an emergency backup system.