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Heat Recovery

A heat recovery device heat exchanger of many types, may be fitted to the air handler between supply and extract airstreams for energy savings and increasing capacity. These types more commonly include for:

  • Cross Plate Heat exchanger: A sandwich of plastic or metal plates with interlaced air paths. Heat is transferred between airstreams from one side of the plate to the other. The plates are typically spaced at 4 to 6mm apart. Can also be used to recover cool. Heat recovery efficiency up to 70%.
  • Thermal Wheel: A slowly rotating matrix of finely corrugated metal, operating in both opposing airstreams, heat is absorbed as air passes through the matrix in the exhaust airstream, during one half rotation, and released during the second half rotation into the supply airstream in a continuous process. Can also be used to recover and cool. Heat recovery efficiency up to 85%. Wheels are also available with a coolth.coating to provide latent heat transfer and also the drying or humidification of airstreams.
  • Run around coil: Two air to liquid heat exchanger coils, in opposing airstreams, piped together with a circulating pump and using water or a brine as the heat transfer medium. This device, although not very efficient, allows heat recovery between remote and sometimes multiple supply and exhaust airstreams. Heat recovery efficiency up to 50%.
  • Heat Pipe: Operating in both opposing air paths, using a confined refrigerant as a heat transfer medium. The 'pipe' is multiple sealed pipes mounted in a coil configuration with fins to increase heat transfer. Heat is absorbed on one side of the pipe, by evaporation of the refrigerant, and released at the other side, by condensation of the refrigerant. Condensed refrigerant flows by gravity to the first side of the pipe to repeat the process. Heat recovery efficiency up to 65%.

We offer, if required, efficient energy recovery systems that utilise, aluminium plate heat exchangers, heat wheel, circuit systems and more. We advise in conjunction with the client the most suitable for every application.

Our Heat recovery units recover up to 77% of the heat in the outgoing air! The Air conditioning load is reduced by ca. 20% resulting in significant energy savings.

Panasonic, Blue box and Puma can all offer solutions. Please contact for more details.