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Cyber Air

The CyberAir 2 Precision ac system

Cyber Air 2

The CyberAir 2 series offers flexible solutions for the air conditioning of large and medium-sized data centres. Precision A/C units are now available with seven different cooling systems. The cooling capacity ranges from 18.6 kW to 197 kW. The units are also available in six sizes, from 1000 mm to 2900 in width with a depth of only 890 mm.

STULZ supplies its CyberAir 2 units with a choice of refrigerants: standard types R407C and R410A, or high-temperature refrigerant R134a.

All parts requiring maintenance can be accessed from the front of the unit for greater convenience.

In addition, in the CyberAir 2 the positions of the connecting pipes and base plate have been standardised to facilitate planning and installation of the units.

Optimised energy consumption with Dynamic Free Cooling, or DFC for short, developed specially for the CyberAir 2, STULZ can boast a unique, energy-efficient solution for the air conditioning of data centres.

The electronically controlled hybrid cooling system combines dynamic compressor cooling and free cooling in four stages. DFC automatically selects the best operating mode, depending on the outside temperature and heat load in the data centre. When outside temperatures are low, this can lower electricity consumption by up to 60%.