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Sliding Door

Sliding door

The VARIGO sliding doors from Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber are characterized by their ease of design and ease of use. They also offer the customer considerable advantages compared to conventional sliding doors:

The mounting thickness of the sliding door is just 60 mm, including the drive unit. It can therefore be fitted flush to the clean-room wall with the usual wall thickness of 60 mm. This flush fitting of the components in wall and ceiling is required in clean-rooms, and more often than not is stipulated.

The fitting dimension for the height of the sliding door is calculated from the clear passage width with an additional 400 mm for the...

The width is calculated by doubling the clear passage width plus 194 respectively 224 mm for the supports for the single respectively the double door.

When the sliding door is opened, the sliding leaves disappear between the two hinged leaves. All door leaves can be supplied in tempered safety glass or in a non-transparent material.

With little effort it is also possible to transport large objects through the door, such as e.g. large machines. By opening the two hinged leaves and unhinging the sliding leaf, the passage width can easily be doubled.

The doors are actuated by one pneumatic cylinder per sliding leaf. This actuation is controlled with electrically driven sensors or switches.

If required we can provide the following special designs:

  • The drive unit can be provided in ex-proof execution
  • The edges of the door can be equipped with reinforced bumper rails and bollards
  • The door can also be installed as an emergency exit if the corresponding permission has been obtained