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Products and Services

  • Design and execution planning.
  • Project management and site supervision.
  • Supply and installation of air-conditioning plants and clean-room systems for the pharmaceutical, bio-technology, food production, micro-electronic and micro-mechanical industries.
  • General contractors for building services.
  • Development and production of:
    • Clean-room wall systems.
    • Clean-room ceiling systems.
    • Fan filter units (FFUs).
    • Laminar flow units.
    • Material air-locks and air showers.
    • Hinged doors/sliding doors.
  • Qualification of supplied and installed plants.
  • After-sales service and maintenance.

In close collaboration with our clients and the users of our plants, we continue to refine our products. Production is completely project-oriented. As a flexible medium-sized enterprise we are able to adapt our systems optimally to the project in hand, often providing tailor-made innovations, at competitive conditions, i.e. price, delivery times and quality.

Part of our success on the market can be attributed to our extensive knowledge in the fields of engineering and design from which all our clients benefit. Our engineers remain in close contact with our clients throughout the project from start to finish. Both partners profit from this collaboration: on the one hand we have the know-how of the experts - on the other the increasingly sophisticated demands of the clients. Successful innovations in clean-room engineering, air-conditioning and surface technology, both past and present, are the result.

The wide variety of ways in which our products can be designed and used provides individual solutions to your specific requirements.