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Mobile Laminar Flow Cabin

Mobile clean-room cabin

Varipro MFlow is a mobile clean-room cabin made of stainless steel, which was especially developed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Its main field of employment is the processing, carving, packing and/or transport of products under hygienic conditions.
Varipro MFlows mobile, modular and simple construction allows inexpensive, step-by-step participation under clean-room conditions.

The life of many food stuffs is determined by their micro- biological state in the sales wrapping. During the production phase of food and medicines, compliance with microbiological medicines, compliance with microbiological quality criteria and/or the purity of the product influences all processing steps. In the case of microbiologically critical products or when working with active ingredients, the complete control of process conditions is essential for obtaining a safe product. In many cases products are exposed to uncontrolled ambient conditions several times during processing, usually in the case of manual processes and transport. This automatically leads to the contamination of the product.

Beneath its clean-room boxes equipped with sterile filters Varipro MFlow creates a particle-free, laminar air flow (directed down-flow without turbulence) from ceiling towards floor. Processes in the Varipro MFlow are shielded from exterior surroundings and, owing to the reproducible conditions in the workstation, fully determined by Varipro MFlow conditions.