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Fan Filter Unit

Varipro ® Fan Filter Units are designed for all kinds of industrial fields requiring clean-room technology and consisting of the following components:

Walk-on housing made of galvanized sheet steel (powder-coated); also available in aluminium. Sound insulating and absorbing housing lining or housing components made of non-flammable, odourless material with non-abrasive, particle-tight surface covering. Interface for connecting the data lines and power supply including operating mode indicator. Adapter cassette consisting of sheet-steel (powder-coated) tailored to suit both the clean-room ceiling grid and type of installation.

All HEPA filter brands as well as filters with a dry or fluid gasket are available. We provide a variety of control devices ranging from simple, single-control units to more complex, PC-controlled systems.

In combination with the Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber software these FFUs have virtually unlimited possibilities of use in clean-room plants: An operating concept which is plant-orientated and has a central user interface allows intuitive operation, evaluation and configuration by means of the realistic graphics. The software fulfils the requirements of FDA, CFR 21, part 11 qualifies and suitable for pharmaceutical projects.

Dimensions can be freely selected and different designs and accessories can meet all users demand.

Daldrop Fan Filter Unit Brochure