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Cleanroom Systems

Illustration of clean-room Flowdiagramm

The term SHELMEQ ® defines Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber's core business as plant engineers and constructors.

Design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the following services are covered by the term SHELMEQ ®:

  • Cleanroom SHell
  • ELectrical Works
  • MEchanical Works
  • Qualification


The objective of SHELMEQ ® clean-room technology is to ensure the required room conditions for the product or process in question.

SHELMEQ ® clean-room technology accepts the responsibility for maintaining the guaranteed values such as room temperature, room humidity, clean-room grade, pressure regime and light intensity. In order to achieve a single-source responsibility here, it is vital to define precisely both the scope of work assigned to SHELMEQ® clean-room technology and the interfaces with other trades. This definition provides a clear picture of responsibilities.

Optimum results with SHELMEQ ®

If the scope of work of a project is defined and implemented according to items A to D above, users can expect optimum technical and economic results from their production plant and its controlled environment. Contractors offering SHELMEQ® clean-room technology have their core competence in the construction and engineering of ventilation and air-conditioning plants, their knowledge of the user's process technology has a global basis and they have wide experience in design and execution. Their own range of products includes key components and construction parts of the clean-room shell, thus enabling flexible and competent reactions when catering to their clients' requests.

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber designs, supplies, installs and qualifies clean-room plants based on SHELMEQ ® technology.