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Air Shower

Personnel air shower misting shower

Personnel air shower type PLS

The purpose of an air shower is to ensure that certain conditions in a controlled area can be maintained at a constant level. The air shower also guarantees that air-borne particles can either not infiltrate or leave the room at all or only to a limited degree. An air shower is essential if people entering the room cause an undesired change in the controlled conditions or if pollutants are to be prevented from penetrating the room.

Air showers made by Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber are produced as complete units ready for connection. They consist mainly of a painted sheet steel housing and safety glass entry and exit doors. Inside the sheet steel housing various compartments are provided to contain the required components: a galvanized sheet steel fan with direct drive and one-sided suction, a switch and control unit including all wiring and a hepa filter. An optional prefilter for recirculated air and / or an ionisation device can also be integrated.

Our air showers run on re-circulation air. A proximity switch activates the fan so that air is drawn in via a floor level grille and blown out via four rows of nozzles in the wall corners. A blow outlet is also located in the shower ceiling. The running time of the fan is limited by means of a time relay.

Stopping time inside the shower is monitored and, if too short, indicated by an acoustic signal. The ionisation device increases the effectiveness of the cleaning process and shortens the time required to be spent inside the shower to approx. 12 seconds.

As an option the shower can be equipped with a lighting system consisting of four halogen projectors (4 x 30 Watt / 12 V) with transformer and activator. The optional installation of limit switches, magnetic clamps with fixing plates and the accompanying controls allows the doors to be electrically interlocked.

The air shower has stored-program controls.

Technical data

  • Air volume: 1500 m3/h
  • Motor capacity: 2.2 kW
  • Voltage: 400V/3Ph./50 Hz

Personnel shower type "misting shower"

For binding pharmaceutical dust.

The personnel shower type "misting shower" is a complete unit, ready for connection and consists mainly of the following:
A painted sheet steel housing (option: stainless steel) with entry and exit doors made of safety glass and including spring hydraulic door closers. The connection to the water supply is on the back.

The following components are contained in the special compartments provided in the housing:

  • The controls completely wired with all necessary elements according to the description of function.
  • 16 nozzles vertically installed (4 in each corner). Various cross sections are available.
  • An electrical interlock system for entrance and exit door with limit switches, magnetic clamps and control lamps.
  • A pump for increase of water pressure can be obtained at a surcharge.

The misting shower operates as follows:
After the entrance door has closed an optical limit switch activates the misting process through the nozzles. The spraying time duration is limited by a time relay. It can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 60 sec. During the misting time the doors are locked by magnet clamps. A visual signal indicates the release of the exit door upon completion of the misting procedure.

As an option the shower can be equipped with a lighting system consisting of four halogen projectors (4 x 30 Watt / 12 V) with a transformer and activator.

Technical data

  • Min. connection pressure for water: 4 bar