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Daldrop Cleanroom Systems

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber engineers and constructs cleanroom plants based on the SHELMEQ ® standard and is a leading enterprise world-wide in this field.

The head office with production, administration, research and development, show rooms and approx. 220 staff is located some 25 kms south-west of Stuttgart in Germany.

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber is completely privately owned and is a "GmbH + Co. KG" (equivalent to a limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner). The enterprise is registered in the Commercial Registry of the District Court in Nuertingen under the number HRA 793.

Since its foundation in 1953 Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber has been engaged in the air-conditioning business. In 1980, due to the development of microelectronics, we began to focus on contamination control where our long-term experience in air-conditioning was a great advantage. Ever since then we have designed, supplied, installed and qualified cleanroom plants. We also supply the complete cleanroom infra-structure with walls and ceilings from our own production.

Cleanroom engineering is a specialized field of air-conditioning. The products and processes used in this technology to create the controlled environment required for quality assurance usually demand not only particle-free air but also extremely strict climatic tolerances. Furthermore, a particle-free atmosphere is achieved by means of air filtration and air change rates and varying cleanroom grades by a controlled air pressure regime.

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber are specialists for designing and constructing clean-room plants, consisting of air-conditioning and control plants as well as cleanroom floor, wall and ceiling systems.

The company operates internationally and has reference plants in 35 countries. Our clients are from the pharmaceutical, bioengineering, food production, microelectronic and micromechanical industries.